Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am still working on my blog to explain my situation with Randy. I've just been really lazy about it. It's 4 1/2 years of history I am getting down onto paper. I really wish I could find my journals that I used to write in at the beginning of getting to know him. Hmm..I will have to look for those. They're a hoot.

So once I'm done being lazy I will have it up haha.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates...You Never Know What You're Gonna Get

Well it certainly has been awhile since I posted a blog. Almost a month, wowzers. So what's new in Amanda's life. Well I was sick for about a week with an upper respiratory infection. Yeah that sucked. Was out of school and work for a week. Lameness if you ask me. My sister ended up getting sick so I covered her shifts at work, thus making up my missed hours, thankfully.

School is going alright. Chemistry is difficult but the PLUS group helps explain and reiterate things which is what I need, I learned. If I am taught something twice in a short amount of time, I can usually understand it for the most part. The teacher ended up cancelling class the week that I ended up missing from being sick so that was a blessing in my opinion. But due to class being cancelled he ended up cancelling 2 tests and now all we have left is the final which will be cumulative but only on the last 4 chapters instead of all 9, thankfully. But I know I am not going to get a very good grade in my opinion so I am retaking the course next quarter at 8:00 in the morning.....YUCK! Biology is going alright. I mean I am doing better in it that I was last year so that is definitely a good sign. If you didn't know, Biology is another course I am currently taking as a retake this quarter. I think the only reason I am having a difficult time in Biology is the fact that this course seems to be more about animals, which is of NO use to me considering I am not going to be a vet. But it is a general biology series that is required for a Pre-Med major, so what do I do? Take the course. Film is the easiest class I have. I have missed a few classes in which he takes attendance but I should pull a 3.0 or better in that class. Fast fitness I'll get a 4.0 easily.

Homelife isn't going too bad. The last couple of days have been Randy's days off and him, Cody, and Bryan usually hang out then. Well, me being the one who has the busy schedule that I can't really socialize much ended up saying "eff it I want to hang out" so I hung out with them. As you know boys will be boys. They are all sarcastic and throw out random comments. One that seems to be a favorite is regarding oral. And usually I am like "oh yeah well f*** you." Yeah sometimes I get pretty vulgar with my language when random comments like "blow me" get thrown out there. Anywho that's not my point or where I'm going with this. Over the years Randy and I have discussed subjects like that seriously, especially when the whole Chuck E. Cheese and Steven incident occurred. Basically he got jealous that it wasn't him. Which I can understand why he'd be upset about it considering he has been my best guy friend for the past 4 years and well there have been times where we both have had feelings for each other, just never pursued them due to the fear of ruining our friendship. But with the past couple of days with him making comments like that, instead of freaking out I just flat out looked him in the eye and said "ok". He was taken aback by it, which was my intention because surprise is usually what I go for haha. It was basically me brushing their comments off, then we got into another serious discussion about it....over text message due to the fact that Cody and Bryan were around. I mean obviously it started off as a joke but then turned serious again. See that is the one level we have never explored in the 4 years that we have been friends. There is so much more to it though. We watched Zack & Miri Make a Porno last night and that movie shows it so well. The 2 main characters are best friends (a guy & a girl) who have never had sex or done anything in the department with each other. Well they are completely broke and have no money and in order to make money they make an attempt and putting together a group to create an adult film. Well they also decided to make a 'business decision' to have sex on that adult film and both promised each other that things wouldn't get weird or different afterwards. Well, if you've seen it, you know that things did end up getting weird and their friendship changed completely. I mean in the end they ended up together but that's not my point. My point is that sex complicates things, and not only that I feel it's something that should be for when you are in a relationship with someone and not just a random thing to do. I don't really know how to flat out state my point honestly. I think at this point I am just rambling on stuff. But Randy and I have discussed the area of dating and we both believe we are too good of friends to do that. There is more to it and you have to know the whole history of us to understand what and how I am trying to explain this. Part of the reason I followed through with the Steven situation was because I wanted to obviously see what it was like, and I think part of me wanted to see how Randy would react to me doing something like that with another guy when we have discussed something like that before. I don't really know where I am going with this. Anywho new subject.

Spring Break is coming up. Two weeks and one day. I am soooooo excited. That is 15 DAYS!! So much to do in those 10 days over there. It'll be awesome. Only 15 more days and I have freedom for 10 :-D. My 20th birthday is also 27 days from now but that really isn't important to me. I want to do something for it but I think we're going to do somethinf for my birthday while I'm at Mo & Tommy's :-D

Anywho that's the update in my life so far. I'll keep you posted.