Sunday, January 25, 2009

Study Break!!

I have been studying Biology since I got home about 3 or 4 hours ago. And I still plan to study it more after I get done messing around online. I have a test on Tuesday and I would like to do really well on it. So studying away I do...that statement didn't make sense...hmm oh well. That's me. Not making sense.

Every month I come to the conclusion that some things about being a girl sucks. I am fairly certain that you know EXACTLY what I am referring to. It is very unwanted haha. But whatever, the joys of being female. From the sounds of it my sister Kyla is dealing with the same thing and takes it out on my mother. Of course she will never admit this to my face. "My mother" is a touchy subject with her. *shrugs* I don't really know how to help with that. Ever since her boyfriend moved out, she gets b****ier with my mom everytime she comes home from seeing him. Hormones I guess. She will grow out of it hopefully, sooner than later I hope. Cause even though my mom frustrates me to no end, I still love her and want to be there for her when she needs me (which seems to be a lot lately). Not the whole give her everything and wait on her hand and foot but yeah like the daughter she can confide in when she's having a rough time and needs someone to talk to :-D I'm pretty good at filling that part.

I ordered ProActiv about a month ago and it JUST came yesterday. Geez, you would think that they would have like EXCESS amounts of this stuff with how often people order it. Yes I am "jumping on the bandwagon" for it just to try it out. I don't need it as much as some but hey *shrugs* why not.

My "big word" for the day = SPLENETIC.
What does it mean? Irritable and spiteful.

just seems to be my mood....towards work that is.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Big TWO-OH!

It is January 24th, 2009. That means that in 66 days I will be 20 years old. Yes 20!
That is just weird for me to think about honestly. I mean I still remember when I was excited about turning 16 and that was 4 years ago. Last night got me thinking how time flies. I was at dinner with one of my very best friend's Megan for her 20th birthday and I decided out of the blue to go spend the night with her last night. Well on the way out there I was listening to "Swing, Swing" by The All-American Rejects and when I turned to her and showed her what I was listening to and said "OLD SCHOOL!!" and she said "Man can you believe that came out 10 years ago?" I sat there and thought about it and was like "man we've been friends for 8 years".
I keep forgetting how long ago I was in middle school.

But that wasn't my point. My point us that I am getting older and it is kind of lurid (means shocking). Not in a bad way by all means. It just means there are more adult things to come. I mean obviously the infamous 21 is next. But big woop. It's like my brother Tommy said "what? so you turn 21. You now get to LEGALLY go to the bars and get hit on by drunks. how thrilling" He was being sarcastic of course. But he really does have a point. Turning 21 doesn't really mean much to me. It's just another year older. But that's a whole nother year down the road.

But yeah I will be 20 is 66 days. Woot! *sarcasm*

What's even better is what's going on in 54 days. ;-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

May the Best 'Man' Win (Even if it is aMANda haha)

I was going to call this blog "random blurbing" until I finished writing it and came up with a better one. I realize that 'blurbing' is probably not a word in the dictionary but whatever. I'm me and well deal with my awesome use of random, made-up words. Haven't blogged in awhile and I figured it was time.

While I was over and Mo and Tommy's 3 weeks ago, Mo and I decided to do a "lifestyle change" thing over the next few months before spring break. Why is lifestyle change in quotes? Well cause when I asked "you mean diet right?", we decided that "Lifestyle change" sounded 'prettier' haha. Go figure, we are dorks. So far it has been good. Minus the fact that I didn't really start the FULL swing of it until last weekend. ONE: I didn't have a scale to keep track of it. TWO: I hadn't really started working out and going to my fitness class (which is not scheduled) until this last week. THREE: didn't really have the right foods in my apartment to do so. BUT I have all three of those obstacles overcome and they are all taken care of :-D So far 8lbs. have been shed in the last week :-D. I go to work out for an hour everyday and I have stopped drinking soda, eating sweets, and eating a minimal amount of greasy (yuck) foods. I am really excited that Mo and I decided to do this because I feel like I have someone with me doing it and it is just more motivation to keep doing it! Oh yeah and not to mention I am working on my arm strength cause during Winter Break Tommy pretty much made me realize pretty clearly that I am a weakling. I will probably still lose during Spring Break but I will still talk a bunch of crap and say I WILL WIN!! yeah that's right I said it, WHAT *stands intimidatingly* haha

Another thing that took place this week was my first Chemistry 151 (General Chemistry) test. It was on Wednesday the 14th. Since, I had lab on Thursday we did not get our tests back until Friday. Now I studied pretty hard for the test the night before but I still could not get conversions down. like from "m" to "cm" (i realized that centi = 100 which means 1m = 100cm) or "g" to "lbs". I, also, had difficulties with the charges of certain ionic bonds. I understand them a little better than the conversions but still both are struggles to me. But anyways, that isn't my point, point is that I got a 41 out of 68. I calculated it and it came out to be a 60% :-S which is DEFINITELY NOT a good score. But it is better than I thought I would and when I got my test back I understood exactly what I did wrong and I understand exactly what I need to study before the next test which is in like a week and a half. PLUS my first biology test is I believe the day before that one. But still I have 2 tests in a week and a half.

Speaking of school, I have been looking at the University of Washington's website and getting information about transferring over there. And I looked at cost of attendance and it is about $19,300, which is about $3,000 more than Eastern a year. Which is NOT bad at all!!. That price is WITH me being on my own and paying rent and all that jazz. Well, without having to pay rent or "living expenses" it would cost about $13,300 which is $3,000 CHEAPER that Eastern. So that is definitely good news for me. All I need to do is get official information on which of my classes will transfer over without a problem.

Alrighty, onto my FAVORITE topic as of late. Kind of the icing on this blog 'cake'. SPRING BREAK!!! Anna (:-D), Serena (:-D), and I have all been talking this week about our plans for spring break (hmm wonder what that could be *sarcasm*). Well here it is:

Anna + Amanda (me) = Leave Spokane @ 6:30pm and arrive in Seattle @ 7:35pm March 19th!!
Serena = Leave Spokane @ 1:40pm and arrive in Seattle @ 2:45pm March 21st!!
Serena + Anna = Leave Seattle @ 9:00pm March 25th. ( :( ).
Amanda (me) = Leave Seattle @ 4:00pm March 29th. ( :( ).

Anyways, why are we going to Seattle? hmm I wonder.....let's think about it......hmm..........uh. I have no idea *shifty sketchy eyes*
haha. Serena and I have been practicing and will keep practicing songs that are on the Playstation game called SingStar! to practice for the brutal butt beating that we will be doing singing on Spring Break. THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT!! As Serena, Mo, and I have said: "This is SERIOUS business" haha yeah right, when have us three all been serious, pssssh I can't think of it.

Brutal Ass Kicking @ SingStar = March 19th-ish through March 29th-ish!! Be there or be square!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Organized Chaos

How ironic that I title this entry same as my entire blog...hmm haha. Anyways, in the past week a lot has gone down which is strange because it seems as if things happen too slowly in my life. So this entry is going to be a bit jumbled and I will probably jump back and forth between topics, so bare with me...

As far as this subject goes. I have realized that I am not necessarily IN LOVE with him. But that I just love him. I could never see myself with him due to his current habits that tend to be little pet peeves of mine. For instance, while home all he does is sit around playing video games. Granted he will go out and do stuff, but that stuff is either A. get soda, B. get food, or C. go buy a game, mind you this is besides being asleep or going to work. Keeps talking about going to school but making little to no effort in making that happen so pretty much it seems as if he is at a standstill in life and well I just don't see a future with him working out outside of being close friends. And that works for me. Why complicate a good friendship? Friends are those who will be there with you til the end in the roughest and greatest times. Case closed.

School started this week and so far so good. I have been studying every night for a couple hours at a time, minus tonight because I studied for 7 hours yesterday, so I feel I need a break. Work study is easier this quarter because I have a class afterwards so it's not like I can just go home whenever I feel like it, so I figure just pass the time making money. But yes, school is going good thus far.

Aside from work study, I still work Old Country Buffet and I still hate it. The job is really easy so it's not the actual job I hate, it's the place of work and the management. It just sucks. Due to school and work study, my schedule only permits me to work Saturdays and Sundays at OCB. Well I told my manager this and well she was just plain b****y about it. She said that I need to be consistent on weekends or she is going to have to find someone else who is. So basically she threatened my job. But whatever I could care less. I have been there 3 years and I feel if I take a weekend off here and there it is no problem but NOOO it is the end of the world if I take the weekend off. Excuse the f*** out of me. Pardon my french. But due to no free time, I really don't have time to find another job. If OCB fires me or "lets me go" then so be it. I can find another job, plus I have work study.

Those few weekends that I have been taking off from OCB have been because I go and visit my brother, sister (Mo), and nephews over in Tacoma. But I will get to that in a second. My family though is a big issue right now. My mom has been really, really snappy and irritable lately and it is really frustrating because she won't tell me what is wrong with her. She just keeps breathing fire down my neck like an angry dragon. So I have been talking to her less and less as of late due to her irritability. Part of me feels that it has something to do with her relationship. From the sounds of it I guess that her and her bf have been fighting a lot lately and I wonder if it has to do with the fact that she keeps mentioning the "m" word (aka marriage) randomly and well that tends to be where my mom's track record has led her with her past relationships. It is like a broken record playing the same thing over and over again. It's nothing new to me. But the funny thing about it is that it runs in the family and I think it has skipped over me. How do I know this? Well my grandma, mother, and sister (Kyla) all do the same thing. Frequently dating. When one relationship ends, they go immediately into another, leaving no time for recovery or time to process what happened. The last relationship I was in was a year ago and with being single for this year, I have been able to process things and focus on school, which is important to me. I don't feel like I fit in with my biological family like at all it seems. I never feel "at home" when I go visit my mom or when hanging out with them.

Like I said I go visit my brother (Tommy), sister (Mo), and nephews (Elisha, Ashton, Theron, & Ace) for periods of time requiring me to take time off of work. I consider them mini vacations. I feel completely relaxed and at ease and "at home" when I go over there. :-). I feel like I am part of a family when I am there. I feel like I belong when I am with them. According to Tommy I am "Gullible, Witty, and Fun all at the same time". :-) Well I feel the same about them. They are all oodles of fun to be around. And like I said I feel "at home" when I am with them. Which brings me to my next topic.

Mo and Tommy have mentioned the idea of me moving in with them. Mo more than anything (hehe). Then again I don't blame her considering she is 1 in 6 members that lives in her home, the rest are boys. TONS OF TESTOSTERONE. I feel for her haha. Anyways, ever since they have mentioned it, I have seriously considered it. And well I do want to go to University of Washington for Medical School when it comes time. And with everything starting to stress me out as of late and putting me at unease, I have considered the idea EVEN MORE! The things I need to figure out are school, finances, and transportation. But eventually I will end up over in the Seattle/Tacoma area. It is just a matter of time. I really do want to move over there. I just have a few obstacles to overcome, physical and personal.

I pretty much just can't wait to be at Mo & Tommy's for NINE DAYS!!! That's all on that subject hehe.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ok Snow, You Can Go Away Anytime Now...

Well, school was supposed to start again today but it didn't because of the massive amount of accumulated snow. I am so freaking sick of snow it is not even funny. I had a blast over in Tacoma at Tommy & Mo's and I was really sad when I had to come back. I seriously wouldn't mind living there, no joke. But since I am already in school and I am working on getting my grades higher so I can get into University of Washington for Med school, I can't really do much about that right now.

That also depends on if Mo & Tommy are still over there when Med school comes around. But that is besides the point. The point is that the snow sucks and I wish that it was gone. I can handle a foot but like 6 feet of snow?!!?! I don't think so.

Point: Snow, you suck!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

May The New Year Bring Happiness

Happy 2009! I mean it is just another day but it is the beginning to another year. I had a really good New Years Eve spending it with my brother Tommy, sister Monique and their friends, Billy and Kacy. We ended up playing Quelf which is this ridiculously fun and unique game. Nothing like it. Just look it up and you will see why.

I have been here in Tacoma since Saturday December 27th and so far it has been a blast. I have had fun everyday that I have been here so far. Nothing bad has happened....well except when I was stressing about money when I didn't need to be. But I get that paranoia from my mom, plus if you are strapped for cash I am sure that you stress too so it is pretty common. I thankfully found out that I was worrying for nothing :-)

Monique and Tommy have a Playstation3 and they have this game called SingStar that you sing along with a song and you are scored on how you do. To provide more entertainment for the evening, I ended up singing "Nine In The Afternoon" by Panic! At The Disco by myself and I got "SingStar" which is the highest grading you could get. It was rather amusing trying to go back and forth between microphones and trying to not get confused. :-) The gradings go from "Tone Deaf" to "Amateur" to "Hopeful" to "Lead Singer" to "Rising Star" to "SuperStar" to "Hit Artist" to "SingStar". Needless to say there were a lot of "Amateur" and "Hopeful" grading, but I think that is the funnest video game that I have played so far.

What else has happened? Hmm. Oh yeah! Tommy tends to wrestle with the kids (Elisha, Ashton, Theron, & Ace) and teach the wrestling moves. Well, me being the wimp that I am, and the pacifist that I am, I do not know how to fight. The boys have made plenty of attempts to wrestling me, and yep, I lost everytime. Well, Ace hasn't really.....then again he is only 9 & 1/2 months old so I can't really expect him to be like the others. With the kids being as vicious as they can be, I have TRIED to fake out Tommy by making it look like I am going to hit him even though I am not......Yeah BAAAAAAAD idea. I ended up on the ground every single time. I suck at fighting haha. Especially this morning at like 1:45 when I became the test dummy for some moves that Tommy was showing Billy. Yeah that was interesting. I remember at one point my back cracked really loud. Felt good, but scared the crap out of me cause I thought something broke. The biggest thing I learned during that whole scenario is that I need to learn how to fight. haha. I did learn how to choke someone though if I am pinned on the ground. That was pretty cool.

There has been plenty of heckling throughout the week, but it has definitely been a stress-free week. This has been the best New Year yet. All in all, let the new year bring happiness to all.