Saturday, July 16, 2011

Final Year of College on the Rise

Well it is almost here: my last year of college getting my Bachelor's Degree. I must say that I am pretty proud of myself in all that I have accomplished in the past 4 years so far. I am completely content and happy with my life thus far. No more D-bag guys in my life, getting amazing grades, losing weight like I want, in an apartment I ACTUALLY like, and getting along with my family wonderfully.

I finally have a boyfriend whom I have been with for almost 4 months now. Granted the circumstances are rather interesting, but I am happy needless to say. The only requirement on my mental checklist he doesn't meet is that he has gone to jail. Yes I know probably a pretty big one that I should consider, but he has learned his lesson and he knows that if he hasn't and goes back that I am gone. But he treats me with the utmost respect and treats me like a Queen. He's emotionally, physically and mentally connective with me and I haven't felt this complete in....well....ever. Life is going pretty good for me currently. No complaints thus far. :-)

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