Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Funds

So with my current increase in hours at OCB, I have been pretty good as far as money goes. I make about $450 every 2 weeks but when school gets out, i will be making about $600 every 2 weeks with working 40 hours a week.

Well this past week my work study boss informed me that I am eligible to get work study over the summer and I could use it without having summer classes. I currently make $10.25 and hour there and that is very helpful along with my OCB checks for bills and saving money. Well during the summer, instead of only being able to work 20 hours a week at work study, I'd be working 40 hours a week.

I did the calculations right and during the summer I would be making a total of $2,824 a month if I worked 40 hours a week at OCB and 40 hours a week at work study. That would seriously be amazing, I wouldn't be strapped for cash at all.

My bills consist of:
$225 - rent
$30 - Comcast
$40 - Avista
$100 - Verizon
$50 - Discover
$20 - AE

All this is per month. I have been really good about saving money as of lately. :)

Just means more money towards saving for a car :-P

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